Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ahh! I'm slacking! It's been two days since I've blogged. Shame on me.
Well, I can't really babble on like I usually do right now either because I've got loads of homework and a midterm tomorrow, so I'll make this quick.
Saturday was my father-in-law's Halloween party and it was such a great time! I got to play with all the kiddos and of course we dressed up. I think I told y'all I was going as Pinocchio this year, and Mikey naturally went as Geppetto. 
Here are some pictures from our super fun night with family and friends:
Outfit deets: blouse - Speakeasy Vintage; Velvet suspenders - Forever 21;Vest - Ruche; tights - ModCloth; flats - Target 
The cuties dressed up as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf are my father-in-law and his lovely girlfriend, Marilyn; the sweetie pie dressed as a little hippie is Isha, our friends' daughter (they're also our upstairs neighbors); the hottie in the "Like a Virgin" Madonna get-up is Marilyn's daughter, Melissa; the caveman and woman are Isaac and Lissi, Isha's parents, and bat girl is, Isairah, Isaac and Lissi's other daughter (they have four beautiful little girls). 
My costume was very inexpensive, as I had all the pieces already in my wardrobe. I love the velvet suspender shorts! Mikey actually made my Pinoc' hat himself! It turned out perfect and kudos to Mikey on his little DIY project. 
I have to say my favorite moment from the night was when Isha grabbed me by the arm and said, "C'mon Roni, let's just go sit on the stairs and tell each other secrets." I laughed and replied, "Secrets?" To which she responded so seriously, "Yeah, you know, secrets...ones that not even Mikey knows." LOL! This girl is 4 years old but she is definitely wise beyond her little years. :)
We got home from the party at about midnight and Mikey went straight to bed. I tried going to sleep too, but I just stared at the ceiling for about ten minutes before I got up, grabbed my little storage container of old pictures and cds with pictures saved, and sat on the couch till 9 am reliving old memories. I laughed and cried (a lot) and realized yet again how much I miss so many people that I used to spend so much time with. To include my brother and sister, Danny and Monika. I can't wait to see them for Christmas this year. And my nephew Nathaniel! It breaks my heart that I'm not getting to see him grow up the way an aunt should. But my sister, being the wonderful sister she is, sends Mikey and I pictures of Nathaniel two to three times a day, everyday. Plus she sends the cutest videos, and Mikey and I gush over him like crazy. 
Here is what Nathaniel dressed up as for Halloween today: (I gave my sister, Monika, and her boyfriend Gilbert the idea ;))
Pubert Addams!!!! Isn't he the most adorable little goth baby?!!! I die over this picture. 
Well, I must run and be a productive student. I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween!
Goodnight darlings.



  1. Love the costumes and all the other posts below! Ps, I think it's called stealing what you did with that kitchen timer :-). LOL

  2. Hey hey hey, if is considered "stealing", as you say, then it DEFINITELY wasn't intentional. We're first class citizens around here.
    Oh, and thanks for reading! Love and miss you.


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