Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Flaming Lips and Colombian food were the highlights of my day

I love my drives to and from school. I turn my music way up and nine times out of ten, I reminisce. That brings me to....
Today I thought of Y'ALL, Morgan & Jon.
I listened to The Flaming Lips like crazy in the Mini today and boy did it take me back to Vegas and the great times I had with two people that love The Flaming Lips as much as I do: Morgan and Jon. *We listened to TFL like it was the only band in the world at times.* The three of us worked together during my last four years in the Air Force; they are two of my favorite people in the world. We did a job together that was extremely monotonous and often times under-appreciated, but the joys in that environment came from getting to see these two everyday. Not only did we joke for the entire 9 hours we were in the office together, but we played music all day, everyday. And we got up and danced all the time! We didn't care who was walking by to see us while we busted a move to some Black Kids, all the while dancing in our uniforms...totally breaking the rules, haha! Jon, I still think of you every time I hear "Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)". I'll never forget the day we all found an empty box, tucked the side flaps in, wrote all over the exterior and gave it a face and a name: Dance Robot, or D.R. as we lovingly referred to him. Anytime someone tried on D.R.'s head (which curious people in flight suits always did) they had to dance, so we'd pick a song and turn it up. :)
The last two years working in that office were really hard on me, as there was a very negative and hurtful person in the office that was constantly getting under my skin (and everyone else's really) and I had to keep myself daily from smacking her with my keyboard, but Jon, Morgan and our other co-worker really came together to keep the level of positivity dominant. 
Morgan, I miss being there for you in person and hearing your contagious laugh. I love how hard you laughed when I told you that you sound like the lead singer of Passion Pit, that time you were singing quietly at your desk. I remember the exact afternoon that I knew you trusted me: you were hurt by something 'she' said and you asked me to talk to you outside the building, and when I saw tears in your eyes and listened to what you confided in me with, I knew that we were going to be friends forever. I still think of you as a little sister and absolutely am thankful that we didn't lose touch just because I moved away. I hope that Mikey and I will visit soon so that I can meet your little Christopher! I love you, Morkie!
Jon, jeez, where do I begin? You and I bonded on a totally unique level. That talk you and I had in the office that one day: the talk that seemed destined to happen because not a single person 'bothered' us for paperwork for about an hour and a half. Remember it?  Our talk about what LIFE is really about, dreams, traveling South America in a hippie van, and the "robots" of the world...I told you how I've only had that discussion with two other people in my life; that deep conversation that just doesn't happen any old time; that conversation that I live for. After we had that talk I remember we both laughed and said something along the lines of, "Wow" and knew then that we were meant to be friends, great friends. I miss our analyses of certain songs and movies and the way we deliberated on how they impacted our souls (we're so passionate! lol).   You were always such a good time and I'm satisfied that I have the dance videos to look back on from many fun nights. :D Mikey and I adore you and think about you often when we watch deep and meaningful films...or when we watch The IT Crowd and Moss comes on screen. Even though during the last few months you've sucked at keeping in touch - yes, I'm calling you out - I still love you very much like the brother I always thought of you as. And I miss doing the Jack Bunny dance with you when I remember Owl Jolson: "I like to sing-a about the moon-a and the June-a and the Spring-a..." I can't wait to see you and Ronda and get our JB tattoos, 'cause we're Big Bunny & Little Bunny! :) 
Here's a picture of Morgan and Jon so y'all know the two sweeties I'm talking about:
When I headed home from school I was caught in brutal traffic, I mean no one was going anywhere. As I said before, I was listening to The Flaming Lips, so for the first time in caught-up-in-traffic-history I didn't mind. Going less than 3 miles per hour I got to see things I hadn't noticed before, like a yummy looking Indian restaurant, pretty flowers in the dividing section of the highway and a jug of sweet tea, still half full...who on Earth would throw out a jug of tea?! And who was drinking it in the middle of the highway? Definitely left me quizzical. But something else I noticed that I thought was worthy of mention was: at one point I looked up at the sky and noticed its extraordinary shade of blue mixed in with the cottony white that seemed to blend in like salty waves, and I thought to myself how the vision above me made it seem like the world were upside down. It looked like the Earth's ocean was completely on top of us and we were just driving cluelessly underneath. *Think of the way the blue changes in the ocean right as the sun's going down - that was the color.* I've never seen the sky look like that. It was beautiful. 
...And now I'll leave you with what I wore today! I actually woke up uber late and had zero time to really get ready, so I went extremely casual...but made sure I wore some statement shoes! 
Outfit deets: Top - French Connection; Jeans - Hot Topic 2007; shoes - ModCloth
Oh, before I go, you should really pick up The Soft Bulletin album by The Flaming Lips if you don't already own it - it's one of the greatest cds ever. Oh, Oh, the Colombian food in my neighborhood is legit. Mikey and I never had Colombian food until we moved here, and it's definitely one of my faves now. Friends, when y'all come for a visit remind us to take you for some. Sweet dreams!



  1. I love this outfit! OK on to the mushiness!! Can you say tears!!! Lol I will always remember that day and that moment!! I knew you were someone I could trust when I first met you. Lmao at Passion Pit I couldn't believe you had said that to me bc it was like the first time we ever worked together!! I love those DR picks we took in your car!!! That was a good day!! And as for that woman I hate her for tricking me into trusting her even when she continued to me wrong I gave her chance after chance. A true friend doesn't do or say any of the things she has. And with that I am done! You will always be a true friend and inspiration to me!! Love you stay beautiful and fabulous!!!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Morkie!
    "Now on to the mushiness!" <--LOL!
    We had SO much fun together, I couldn't even begin to recount all the good times and list them all here. At least we'll always be able to share them in our memories. :)
    And you don't even have to tell me about the mega beast - karma doesn't forget though and that's all I've got to say about that. :P
    I love you too!


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