Saturday, October 29, 2011

TGIF/Roni & Mikey date day

This week was nothing short of exhausting and completely mind-numbing. I am going to fully enjoy sleeping in tomorrow.
Mikey over slept and missed class today so I was really excited because I knew that as soon as I got home we could get out of the house after a long week of school+eat+sleep (boring!). First, I had him snap a picture of 'what I wore today', then I exchanged my jeans and flats for a skirt and wedges, and we were out the door. We headed to our new favorite place to just walk around: Montclair!
We had lunch at The Office again, then walked over to Anthropologie to exchange our recently purchased magnetic timer (for the kitchen) because it wasn't buzzing when the time was up. They ended up refunding our money and giving us the timer for free since they were going to throw it away! And guess what? We just now realized it wasn't broken after all, lol. Yay! It's so cute and adds the perfect little touch of my beloved retro. If you have an Anthropologie near you, you should really visit it -- they always have the neatest trinkets (and best clothes).
After Anthro we walked over to an optometry place so Mikey could check out some glasses. I've already got my next daily-wear pair of glasses, just need to get the lenses put in. I'm stoked because they're 50's vintage cat-eye frames that I scored at Speakeasy Vintage (also in Montclair). They've just been sitting untouched, all wrapped up, on a shelf in my closet for over a month! That is no place for vintage.
Wanna see them? Here they are:
Next, we grabbed cupcakes (Twinkie and Samoa) and headed to Michael's Arts and Crafts to get supplies needed to make my Pinocchio hat for my father-in-law's Halloween party tomorrow night. Oh, I'm dressing up as my favorite little wooden boy/favorite little liar. :) I didn't even get to assist in making my hat because Mikey is so obsessed with crafts that he deemed it "his project". I didn't mind at all, and he did a wonderful job! Thanks baby. 
Here's us in Montclair grabbing the cupcakes :)
And as if we hadn't already been out on the longest date day possible (not that I'm complaining -- we had FUN!), I reminded Mikey that we still hadn't gone to the State Scare haunted attraction, and Halloween is only 3 days away. So of course we went! We took our neighbors/friends, Isaac and Louis, and after the 'Scare' we went for some more getting Gelotti's Ice Cream -YUM- and driving down a dark, spooky road that's sandwiched between a river and cemetery. 
All in all, today was a productive day, as in, we didn't waste a minute, and I love days like this. 
Here's what I wore today:
Outfit deets: Flannel, Jeans - True Religion; Flats, tights - Target; Skirt - Forever 21; wedges - Chelsea Crew via ModCloth
Before I meet my husband in our pajamas to watch late night cartoons, I want to leave y'all with this quote I found on my friend Chappie's blog. I asked her for the source but she didn't know. 
Here's some truth for all, from Anonymous:
"What you think you are worthy of is what you attract. You change your reality when you change your mentality."
Remember this before you start to sell yourself short. Let these words be motivation to encourage yourself, rather than discourage. Remind yourself that you are worthy of everything you are in search of to make you a happy YOU. I promise I'll be one of your biggest cheerleaders if you need me to. But I probably already am. :)
Goodnight darlings.


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