Tuesday, January 3, 2012

return to innocence ♥

When I thought of a title for this post this song title was the first thing that immediately popped into my head. Oh, the 90's.
While in Texas I finally did something that I'd been wanting to do but never find the time for during visits - I paid a visit to my first elementary school. A place that I think about often in relation to my life and how fast it's gone by and also how much fun I had when I was so young, living in that small town of Poteet, Texas. My school was in Somerset, an equally small nearby town. 
It was so surreal to be back there again. I only wish the gates were open so we could have gotten some pictures on my old playground in the very back of the school. 
The building I'm looking at was where I had physical education on cold days, watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and won a spelling bee in first grade. My prize was a neon yellow walkman cassette player. 
If you click on this picture you can see a little bit of the inside of my old cafeteria. It looked exactly the same as when I last saw it about 18 years ago. 
I remember having to line up right here so many times after eating lunch.
This part of the building was new. I miss the old brown bricks.
Might I add that it was a whopping 64 degrees on this day in good ol' Tex?! Northerners, be jealous.
Somerset Middle & High School are directly across the street. 
 Sitting outside the old building (former high school auditorium) from picture 1 ^up there^. 
You might remember these Swedish Hasbeens from this post
I got these shoes, a dress, and Prada Candy perfume (or parfum) from my father-in-law for Christmas!
I loved getting way nostalgic on this day. It was also super sweet to experience my old childhood stomping grounds with Mikey. 
Cardigan: Mommy gave it to me
Clutch/makeup bag: ModCloth
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens loafers via Endless

**Random little story: I searched for this dress on ASOS and Rare over and over for over a month. They weren't restocking my size. Then one afternoon I somehow find my way onto Emily's blog and see that she's never worn it and is selling it for less than what the sites were if they'd had my size. My mouth dropped. I squealed and purchased immediately. It was like...dress-fate.**

I was so in love with my new pink clogs that I wore them with so many random outfits over the next few days, but I only got a picture with these two dresses. I was on a mission to see how pink clogs could work their way into matching (or not- don't really care) with a variety of pieces. I know I say it a lot, but these are my new favorite shoes! And worth every penny. 
Dress: Christmas gift from my sissy via ModCloth
Tights (blush): H&M
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens loafers via Endless

As always, thank y'all for checking out my little inter-nook. I really REALLY really appreciate every sweet comment and glance. I've only been blogging for 2 months, but I'm so in love with it and all the blogs I can't live without, and of course, all the friends I've made. E-friends or not, I still think y'all are some of the sweetest, encouraging and most supportive people I never thought I'd meet. In other words, y'all rule. 



  1. Emily,
    Thank you sooo much! You were my saving grace with this dress. ♥

  2. Awww..I also miss my elementary school. gotta visit there sometime.
    That's awesome! You really have fate with that dress. And your pink clog is so cute. It really pops on the second outfit.

    Pose Posh Post

  3. I looooove your style! It's so very awesome. I went to my old primary school the other week, it was so weird being back there. I still could walk around the place with my eyes shut and know my way around! Craaaazy.

  4. Well, you know up until recently, I lived in the same town as my old elementary school. Lindsey used to go there, & I used to take her to some school functions. Some teachers remembered me, but most were gone. Some of the retired teachers who live in the area still remember me, though. Those are cute dresses! I love your hair in the last pic! Very retro! I wanna do the old school retro style, but with pants. I'm not much on dresses, until summer. lol

  5. You look so cute in that pic in front of the gym. Awww! Different hair too, I see. You never cease to amaze me with your ever changing looks. Ummm...you know I am diggin' those pink shoes. So stinkin' cute. And WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed you!

    With Class and Sass,

  6. I love reminiscing! Your outfits are so cute and I love your tattoos! Congrats on the dress it looks wonderful on you!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  7. Sidney,
    Thanks! I thought the shoes popped the normally boring old brown out as well! Have fun in Indonesia, I'm soooo jealous!! :) ♥

    Thanks, love. :D
    I know exactly what you mean!! And I love when your body and mind still know something so honestly that you could see it all with your eyes closed. It's so awesome and beautiful of a feeling. That's so neat that you went to your old school, too! Twins. haha ♥

    That's awesome that you got to see some old teachers, and frankly I'm really surprised that they remembered you. I don't think any of my old teachers would remember me if they saw me. I feel like it's been so long and they've seen thousands of kids, so it'd be harder to focus their memory on quiet little me. Well, I was really quiet back then. And wayyy shy. So, I don't think I stood out much.
    And thanks babe, I didn't even realize I had retro hair! But I totally see it after you mentioned it. I liked that hair style. But of course I live by the mantra of, "When in doubt, throw a bow in it." LOL! It seems to work for me. You can get some cute capris or just skinny jeans and do a little rockabilly look if you're not too big on wearing dresses! You could wear a cute little plaid shirt that ties in a knot at the bottom, too! If I were there I'd have fun styling you up!! ♥

    Thanks for all the sweetness in your comments!! I was trying to look sweet and innocent in that one in front of the gym. :D
    And you too, I love how your hair is always changing! You keep me on my toes, haha. Hair is so much fun, I just gotta be in the mood to do it. I felt pretty sassy that day. ;)
    Oh, and it feels great to be back!! *hugs* ♥

    Omg, isn't reminiscing the best?!! It's so good it hurts. :)
    Thank you for the sweet comments, hun! And yeah, I'd like to think of my tattoos as accessories that compliment some of the colors in my clothes, LOL! It totally works 97% of the time. :D
    Thanks also for stopping by; I will gladly stop by your place and check it out as well. ♥

  8. I love your hair! :) Nice memories from childhood :)) Take a look at my outfit: www.violinstyle.blogspot.com :) Greets, Joanna

  9. I loooove that dress!!! You were very lucky!!!!

  10. Joanna,
    Thank you so much :)
    I will be stopping by your blog after I leave this comment!

    Thank you, hun!

  11. I love your dress !! its amazing !


  12. Karola,
    Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. I love all your pictures on your blog. They're beautifully done!

  13. Those shoes look even more awesome on you than they did in the original post of them on the site. I love how they accented your outfits and brought out the pinks in your tattoos :):)

    Also how wonderful it must have been taking a walk down memory lane (literally) with Mikey. That's so sweet. ♥

    & BTW that Make up for lost time bag is sooooooooooo cute!

  14. Capris & skinny jeans it is! Remember you have a job to do, missy! lol
    I do like that make up for lost time bag, too.
    Vevay is a REALLY small town, so that's maybe why. I was ridiculously quiet & shy, too, except when I punched one girl in the face 'cause she was bothering me. Oh & Mama was a teachers aide one year, so maybe that's why.

  15. I LOVE that song <3 and your skirt is so beautiful :)

  16. Ashley,
    Thanks, hun. I think the shoes look pretty awesome, too. :) And yay for tattoo accessorizing!

    I'm so ready to be your stylist the next time we're in the same zip. ♥

    Thank you very much. Oh, and I had totally forgotten all about that song. It took me back hearing it again. :))


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