Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And everything was going so well...

Okay, so I'm not going to get super negative and detailed in this blog post because I've been so filled with excitement and joy and all that good awesome feeling stuff since December and the new year in general, but I'm asking for prayers (from those of you that pray) and good luck vibes sent my way. Please.
For those that have been following my little blog from the beginning, you might remember me updating you in November with a hit and run that I was involved in. Some d-bag hit me and then sped off, but luckily I got his license plate and the cops were able to find out all his info, so that was great. However, over the last month and a half (seems longer!) I've had to tell my story of that inconvenient day about a hundred times and to THREE different insurance companies. Why? Because no one seems to know who this jerk's insurance provider was at the time of the accident. Will the real insurance company of Mr. Diaz please stand up? To make matters worse, when I was provided with the name of the latest insurance company today the adjuster told me that when he spoke to Mr. Diaz on the phone this afternoon, Mr. Diaz is now denying having been in the accident at all! Because he's a Florida resident he seems to be choosing to deny the fact that he was in New Jersey when he hit me on 22 November. >:(  I don't know why he was here, maybe for Thanksgiving, but he was! Why the heck would I know all his info?!
We're currently waiting to hear back from the 3rd insurance company on whether or not he is in fact a policy holder, and then obviously we're going to get a lawyer since he's playing Pinocchio on me. I was seriously ready to pull my hair out; I don't want to start 2012 out this way. So I breathed easy, walked around in my room and prayed. I can't let this affect me too bad. I don't want it to. And it really has the potential to make my life hell right now, because normally I'd let it. And I'd be a crazy bia for it. So I'm just going to breathe.
I'm just praying that this is all settled as smoothly (and quickly) as possible. I don't want to have to repeat his name anymore, and I don't want to keep going outside to see my poor car dented in the back.
Please keep me and my sucky situation in your prayers, or thoughts, or whatever it may be. I truly appreciate it.



  1. You poor thing... I don't blame you for being royally peeved! That is ridiculous! Want me to do one of my recordings of your story so that you can just play it to them! haha But really you are in both of our prayers... especially for your peace of mind and sanity!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

  2. Thank you, Jessa.
    I feel so much better already. The nerves are super calm, and honestly it's because of blogs! Like yours. :) I love love love how the blogosphere is my happy place for reasons like today. As soon as I realized I didn't want to let this stupid thing get the best of my emotions, I sat down and just started back to reading all my blogs and poof! it was gone. It's out of my control right now. All I can do is hope for the best. Thank you for your prayers, friend. ♥

  3. Awww! Sending prayers and positive affirmations your way. I cannot act like I would not be flipping my freaking wig if I were in the same situation (because I totally would). But from the outside looking in? It is easy for me to say relax, relate, release. Try to breathe. What I do when I feel like I am going to lose it? I always have to keep things in perspective for myself...when I was involved in not 1 but 2 hit and runs before I had even made my first car payment I had to keep telling myself God has blessed me with the Black Dahlia (when everyone said there was no way I'd get my black lincoln zephyr) and at least she wasn't totaled. Or the fact that I was able to not only drive but walk away of my own accord. This situation is absolutely horrible and I know it has to work out in your favor because I said so. No matter what happens, the freaking karma police will get Mr. Duck Em' and Dodge Em' Diaz.

    With Class & Sass,

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh No!!! That really sucks Roni!! I will totally be praying for you during this situation, I know it will all work out for the best!! Mr. Diazzzzz will not getaway with his lies for long sooner or later he's gonna have to face what he did, and honestly he better figure that out now because it'll be cheaper for him to just pay for the car than go through the courts....I can't believe he had the audacity to say he wasn't even up if you pulled that license plate number outta thin air! GOOD thing you atleast caught the license plate #..and even better that he didn't damage your car any worse than he did..or you for that matter!! ...As your friend Khalilah said "the karma police will get Mr. Duck Em' and Dodge Em' Diaz" He can't outrun Karma!......and I don't think he'll be outrunning you either!! ;) .....and why does this man have so many insurance companies?? geesh!

  5. Yeah, that's kinda fishy that he has so many insurance companies. Maybe it's a bit of a pain in the ass now, but it'll turn out for you big in the long run. And, that is right, how did you come up with his license plate number if he wasn't the one who did it? Just magically thought it up & he was the one who got it? Yeah, right. That sucker is going to pay, big time. You'll see.

  6. Awww sissy, i'm sorry all of this has been such a pain in the butt for u, but don't worry looks like there r plenty of prayers and good vibes your way. And your friend Khalilah made me "lol" with that " Mr. Duck Em' and Dodge Em' Diaz" comment!

  7. So sorry you have been through all of this and that it's still hanging over your head. Sending you love and hugs and positive thoughts x

  8. Khalilah,
    I love you! Thanks for the words of wisdom. That totally sucks about your car - almost unbelievable! I'd have been tearing my eyes AND hair out with that. My situation isn't as nerve-wracking as that, but I was rear ended twice last year and that totally sucked butts. Only you could remind me how I should just feel lucky that I'm okay (and that's all true), but then totally get me cracking up laughing one second later with your "Mr. Duck 'Em and Dodge 'Em Diaz" line!!!! OMG, still laughing at that one!

    Thanks, love. And I know! That's what I can't believe the insurance companies don't tell him: like, "If you weren't there, then how did this young lady just call off your license plate number to the policeman on the phone?" LOL, I guess I'm just making it up. Right. *pssshh*

    The sucky thing is that he keeps saying he had a different one at the time of the accident AFTER I'd already gone through the whole process with whatever insurance company at that time. I mean, I've already had my car inspected by two of the ins. co.'s! How annoying is that?! I don't see why they can't just find out if he's one of theirs the minute I tell them his license plate and VIN number!! Ugh, it's so stupid, but I'm really REALLY trying to be calm over all this. Mikey is gladly handling all the phone calls right now for me, because I just don't want to keep starting my day off talking about this jerk.

    Tell momma to pray over some candles for me! LOL Pray that this jerk randomly decides to give in to his good conscience (if he has one) and just fess up. And LOL @ what Khalilah said!!!! She's hilarious, Mona!

    Thank you so much for sending the good stuff my way. :))

  9. oh gosh thats awful. I have to deal with insurance companies at work a lot and they can be a real hassle. Hope this douche admits his wrong soon!

  10. You were awarded ------> HERE!

    Go see why! Love & Lollies... Jessa

  11. Amber,
    I never realized how some insurance companies can be just as sleezy as the jerk who decides to hit someone and run. One of the three was just soooo unhelpful and kept blowing us off if we didn't bombard them with phone calls. I'm sure they were happy to be off the hook when they found out he didn't even have their coverage. Blah.

    Sweet! I'm curious about this. :) Going to your blog....

  12. ROFL! Umm, btw, I "subscribed by email" like 3x and it never sends me updates. What the french toast?

  13. Blaauuughhhhh what an asshole. I hope it gets sorted out!

  14. Khalilah,
    I have no idea why you never get the updates. :/
    I know you're just 'dying' to know the very second I make a blog post! haha

    Thank you, sweets. I hope this tool bag fesses up or gets what he deserves for being a big inconvenience in my life.


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