Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th ♥

I made a challenge for myself when packing for this trip to North Carolina: I only packed two pairs of flats and had to assemble low key outfits accordingly. Mikey was saying how I only ever pack dressy-dresses and high heels, when "that's so high maintenance for a beach town". Hence why I'm wearing the same pair of flats for the third day in a row. Once I prove myself through this challenge (that I can dress casual for a whole week), I won't ever have to do it again. 
Top: Zara
Cardigan/Tights/Flats: Target
Skirt: ModCloth

Highlights of this awesome Friday the 13th:
~ Having lunch at this amazing little spot called Temptations. I had a brie cheese, apple and turkey sandwich with a side of fresh fruit. YUMM! Oh, and that dipping sauce? Cranberry mustard. Yeah, drool. 
Naturally I followed up with a dessert. I had a Hershey almond bar in cute vintage wrapping. :)
~ Got back to the house and took naps. Look how cute Mikey & Bowie look sleeping together. Notice Bowie's tongue! LOL That thing is always sticking out. 
~ I finally got to catch up with one of my besties, Natty, on the telephone. We chatted for two hours -- it was brief compared to our usual 4 hour long calls. When we catch up every couple weeks, we really catch up. I love it. 
~ For dinner we went to the Wild Wing Cafe, my mother-in-law's favorite spot ever. I had lemon pepper wings + sloppy joe sliders! Can you say "fatty"?! I loooove both of these foods, but being in Jersey I don't get to eat them as often anymore; I went bananas on them tonight! Then we watched a herd of cougars dance and do their thing to a cover band. It was pretty funny/awesome. They went completely nuts when the band played "Don't Stop Believing"...dear God, I wish bands, radios, and anyone else would just STOP singing/playing this song. I took a (crappy) picture with my cell phone of all the mayhem during this overplayed tune. Notice all the ladies old enough to be your grandmothers. Your really cool and rebellious grandmothers. 
Some of those women were in their 60's and 80's and they party harder than most 20 year olds I know. It was pretty impressive. At first Mikey and I giggled, but then we were like, "Get it, girls". Hey, at least they're not boring...even though I think at that age, I'd personally be okay with being boring and staying at home all night...every night. But then again, I'm gonna be the cool grandma by default - tattoos make for interesting stories to tell the youngsters. One of my stories will go, "I remember when I was a punk kid in 2006, rockin' out to the local bands of Las Vegas with a whiskey on the rocks in one hand, and a whiskey on the rocks in the other." Then my grandkids will high five me and say, "Grandma Roni, you're such an OG." 
What do you think you'll be like, or what do you hope you're like when you're that age?? Do you think you'll still be hip or out for the count? Mikey and I were talking about that a lot tonight. The one 80 year old lady tonight was so active, dancing and gettin' it in her 5 inch heels, that she'll probably live to be 110. I admired her "life is still good" persona that she exhibited all the way across the room. 

I hope y'all had a great Friday the 13th! I love this day. Mikey and I got married on a Friday the 13th, in Vegas of course. I think of it as my lucky day no matter when it comes around during the year, and I loved all the text messages I received today from all my buddies that know it as such. Thank y'all!
Oh, here's an "I don't know what the fudge I was doing here" picture:

Goodnight, darlings. 

(random) Roni 
P.s. Kiser, if you're reading this, we really wished you were with us tonight.


  1. You're cuuuuuuute. I love your fox shirt! ALSO I had a sandwich like that when I was in America, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever until I tasted it ... SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD. It must be an American thing haha. Yummmo. In fact I have the ingredients for it, thank you for reminding me!

  2. I have absolutely NO idea what I'll be doing as an old lady. Right now, I do day by day. I mellow out more and more as the days go by, so I'll probably be one of those sweet old grandmas who bake for their grandkids.
    And since you call me out for all my grammar skills, I've got to do it for you. On one of your other posts you said "payed" & it's "paid". And you said "bestie's" when its "besties". Sorry, love. Just keeping you on your toes, with love. (Unless you're talking about her can of Natty, then it's ok.)

  3. Kirsten,
    Thanks, darling! I love that fox shirt because it looks like my dog, Jaxon. :)
    You're welcome for reminding you about the yummy sandwich! Hehe

    Yeah, I really have no idea what I'd be like either, but I too am slloooowwwing down with age, so I can only imagine how much of a snail I'll be when I'm 'that' old.
    And thanks turd. I'll change the besties one, that was clearly a quick mistake in me just wanting to post already; I don't care to change the other one since I double checked it as I typed it and could swear I chose the right one since I read examples and all. I'm pretty psycho about not wanting to make typos, but obviously I can't ALWAYS be on top of them, especially if I'm rushing. And I only ever called you out 'cause you started with me!! >;)

  4. lol I'm just keeping you on your toes. =) Anyway.... lmao

  5. LOL those ladies are awesome, I wish you could have got a video of them dancing lol.....Idk what I'd be like at that age, hopefully I'll still be able wear some killer heels and I hope I don't dress like an out of style grandma..but knowing me I'd be perfectly happy sitting home crocheting, baking, and doing other crafts..Speaking of crocheting I really need to catch up on that..I guess I took off this season, lol.

  6. love the color of your sweater :)
    Love Lois xxx

  7. Jen,
    Yeah, yeah, I know. :P

    I wanted to get a vid, but it was already too dark in there as it was. But yeah, those ladies were killin' it! I hope that I at least have it in me to be 'that cool' if I wanted to be at that age. And I totally think you'll be able to rock some high heels!! You'll be like the 80 year old that was still workin' it better than anyone else there! LOL

    Thank you, doll!

  8. Abigayel,
    Thank you, sweetie :)

  9. Adorable outfit! And I absolutely lah-ove North Carolina! It is possibly my favorite vacation spot and is home to some of my fondest memories!

    Oh, and tag! You're it. ;)

    xoxo, Tori

    1. Thanks, Tori. Ha, I am gonna steal your "lah-ove" - too cute!
      Yeah, Wilmington, NC (where we were) is beautiful and the weather was actually really nice. I also love the pace there...totally different than the New York area! It's a nice vacay away from here. :)
      I'll answer your questions tonight.

  10. You are too stinkin' cute! I LITRALLY (<~~intentionally spelled this way) lol @ herd of cougars. LOL! OMG, isn't food so amazing? If I wasn't married to Chris and it wasn't inanimate, I'd marry all 4 food groups, LOL!

    With Class & Sass,

    1. HAHAHA Khalilah! I can hear the "litrally" said that way. :) I probably should have used "pack" of cougars instead of "herd". I feel "herd" implies they were all hefty sized and that wasn't so. Just so we're clear that I wasn't trying to insult the ladies! :)
      And yessss, foooooodddd nomnomnom! I'm such a cow. I ate donuts, Chik-Fil-A, and sloppy joes like it was going out of style there. Pretty sure I need to go on The Biggest Loser now. ;)

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you, doll! And thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to stop by your blog and say hi as well. :)

  12. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply great!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

    1. Thanks, Fabrizia. I will certainly take a look.

  13. love the shirt! so cute! :)

  14. That top is AWESOME! I can't believe those ladies. You go girls! I would probably be in bed or at home knitting. Actually, I hope not. I hope I am a "cool" grandma, or at least one that bakes the best cookies haha.

    1. Thanks, I love that top because it looks like my foxy lookin' pup, Jaxon. And yeah, those ladies are too cool for school and definitely too cool to be cooped up in the house on a Friday night! :D Judging by the way I get tired so easily now I can only imagine how much of a party pooper I'll be at that age, but I'm hoping for at least a little bit of pep in my step at that age. haha


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