Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look at all the fun I've been having!

Holy moly, I'm running outta gas! I seriously want nothing more than to just S T O P. Stay at home and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. BUT, I have been having fun, and it really means the world to me to be taking advantage of all the free time that I've seriously never had. I try and remind myself of that when I feel like I'm too burnt out to move from our bed. I keep telling myself that when I get back into the real world of working my butt off 24/7 (again), I'm not going to be able to enjoy all the things that we've been doing this past year during our breaks from school. It's funny because with both breaks so far we've had a hard time deciding whether to take advantage of the time by traveling and seeing our loved ones, or catching up on sleep lost during the semester - such tough decisions! ;) But we've never been in this predicament before; we never had the option - it's always been work, work, work, see family or have fun when we're off, work again. We just wanna carpe diem right now, you know? I'm just an old geezer who wants to take full advantage of this golden opportunity, but I get worn out SUPER fast. 
Here's some highlights, in photo form of course, of what I've been up to. First off, we've been up and at 'em since 22 December (the day we went to Texas). We got home from Texas on a Thursday evening, and early the next afternoon I was picking up my friend Marla and her boyfriend Gene from Newark airport.
New Years Eve @ Point Break bar (cool spot). Here we are taking a shotski. 
Our 4th New Years Eve together 
 I love my friend. She and I have a bond that includes a passion for old movies and songs. It's so funny how one of us can quote something so random and unimportant from a dialogue and the other knows exactly where it came from. I can't explain it, but we're on the same page. 
And here's the extremely low key outfit I wore on NYE in NY. I clearly wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Oh, and don't mind the trash can. 
Beanie & top: H&M
Scarf, flats, Tights (under pants for warmth - thanks for the idea, Khalilah!): Target
Jeggings: PacSun, a million years ago
Coat: White House Black Market (gifted from my lovely pal, Kenyon)

Marla and Gene left on a Wednesday afternoon. That evening Mikey and I went to see our dear friends, Bob, Elyssa and their new baby, Jagger. This is the sweet, and yet super cool, family that owns the raddest bar in Jersey, Clash Bar (in Clifton). We played with Jagger, ate peanuts and watched Ghost Hunters till 1 a.m.! 
The very next afternoon one of our best friends, Jamel Purdie, drove into Jersey to spend the night with us. Seriously, Purdie (I call him by his last name - it happens in the military) is one of thee sweetest and best guys in the world; Mikey and I adore him. Purdie and I worked in the same squadron in Vegas, and to this day I miss seeing his face at work and giving him a hug to start out the day. He's a great soul. And he's single, ladies. Just throwin' that out there. ;) (He'd be like, "really, Veronika?", if he saw this.)
the boys trying to look tough
Purdie left on Friday afternoon and that same night I had a birthday party/club night to get ready for! My girlfriend, Ashley, rented a pink stretch limo to take us to an apparently legendary club, called El Morocco, in New York. In short, it was a wild and crazy night with the drinking having been really done in the limo on the ride there! If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have made us take that last shot. I just was in that mode where you're too excited and you feel like the first two shots and drinks weren't kicking in yet.
Dress: Trollied Dolly via Ruche
Glitter shoes: ModCloth

this limo was ridic'!
me & T-Boz ;) haha
back at Ashley's house...
It goes without saying that my little butt drank more than I could handle that night, and I payed for it the next day. Luckily the hangover was gone before 7 p.m., because we had dinner reservations with my father-in-law and his lovely girlfriend, Marilyn, at my favorite restaurant in the world, Il Cantinori in NYC. Oh, and I finally got to take out the super shiny and pretty 1960's vintage dress I wanted to wear on New Years Eve. 
Vintage dress: gifted from Johnny of Speakeasy Vintage
Bag: gifted from Mommy!
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Jared earrings & necklace (black & white diamonds): 2009 Christmas gift from Mikey

So, that right there was Saturday night. Sunday afternoon we drove to Atlantic City to visit with one of Mikey's old friends, Bucco, whom I'd never met before. We went over to Bucco's place of work, the Borgata Hotel & Casino, walked around, and put a couple dollars on the roulette table. I was super excited (and a bit envious) when Bucco, who has never gambled a penny, won $560 on his first sit down. I mom-talked him into cashing out right there and going home. LOL It was a fun, quick trip to AC, I still want to really see it, and it was nice to finally meet the guy behind the voice on Mikey's video game headset. :)
Me and the beer I nursed for about 4 whole hours
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens loafers
Bag: Melie Bianco

We drove back today and have taken it easy breezy. Thank God! We took Isaac and Lissi out for yummy, fattening food at Five Guys Burgers & Fries, to thank them for keeping an eye on our pets. They'd never had it before. I cannot, I repeat, cannot, imagine my life without the deliciousness of Five Guys' cheeseburgers. 
And here's "what I wore" today.
I wore a little floral belt that had the mustard and pink hues to support the tights & shoes
Not sure why I stood on the chair
Dress: Etsy
Tights: ModCloth
Belt: Ruche
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens loafers

Did I or did I not tell you that these pink clogs are my new favorite shoes? Because they really are. Obviously I'm wearing them with just about everything, not really caring if they work or not. In my little world they t-t-totally work! :)

I hope y'all have had an amazing January thus far. I hope to sleep in super late today and catch up on some reading (books and blogs alike). 

Love & bear hugs,


  1. Love the clothes!
    Glad you've been having fun, doll.
    Little ol' me, I've been working.
    But! I did get my ticket for my trip to Oregon in April!
    I can't wait!!


  2. And OMG I just saw a pic on Mikey's fb of your Mom. Is that a real yellow, Hermes??

  3. YAYYY! I am so glad you guys have been having such a great time with friends. I miss my friends so much. I would love the opportunity to hang like that. Hopefully some time soon. And you're so welcome for the idea of wearing tights under pants. I wear tights just about every single day now, LOL! I love your 60s shiny dress. And I am in love with those pink shoes as well. Get some rest hun!

    With Class & Sass,

  4. WOW! I thought I had a lot going on! The important part is that you had a good time and you were cute while doing it! i love the oicture of you and your friend jumping. I also tagged you on my blog. I hope you participate. If so please let me know.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh my girl!! I don't know how you had the energy to do all of those things since my birthday celebration..because I'm still exhausted! lol...BUT I love the pics!! Especially the one of us knocked out and me next to a bucket...hahahaha, a night out isn't the same without sleeping next to a bucket and losing precious items lmao, thanks again for everything!!! I truly appreciated it!!

    AND omg'ness he won 560 dollars?!!That's so awesome..I've never been to Atlantic City before, Jenny & I were just talking about planning a trip there..My friend that met us at the club in NYC, Lizzy..works at the Harrahs down there. I believe in the spa part..we def have to plan another girls weekend down there..but the guys can come too this time if they want!! :):)

    2012 is definitely going to be a great year!!! :):)

    And on one evening I def have to join you and Lissi for your snack time-movie party! lol. Oh and I just bought Rise of the planet of the apes..if ya'll haven't seen it, then I'll bring that!

  6. holy crap you really have been living it up! I am in love with your birthday party outfit. I mean the heart dress, the glitter shoes, so cute! Oh and a pink limo!!! Man I wish I could have joined that party. PS will write you back soon, I've been dealing with a sick puppy :(

  7. Wow that pink limo is amazing!!! And I am loving the heart print dress! How cool is that?

  8. Jen,
    Thanks, babe. I'm glad you got your ticket! How exciting, and I'm sure it makes it all the more real, in a sense.
    Girl, no that's not a real Hermes. Pssh, those things can run you like $17K. I bought her that for her birthday. She wanted a replica. :)

    Thanks to you, I've been wearing tights under my pants everysingletime I wear pants at all now! I'm loving it and staying that much more warm.

    Thanks, doll. And I will run by your blogspot as soon as we get back home tonight. We're about to jet out to run some errands and grab some food.

    Omg girl I've been soooo drained since your birthday night! LOL I couldn't even drink that beer two days later.
    And Lissi said she wanted to go to AC as well, to really hang out there. We should definitely plan a girls spa day if we all go. The guys can just pass the time by gambling or something. Did you find your phone yet??
    Oh, and Isaac and Lissi own Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Funny enough, we were gonna watch it the other night but opted for a comedy and watched Our Idiot Brother instead. Come over for a movie night!

    If you were there, it would have been THAT much better! You could have enjoyed bubble gum vodka with us. Even though it messed us up.
    I hope your puppy (baby) feels better!

    Thanks, love!

    Thank you. :)

  9. LOL I don't blame you, I know I won't be having another drink for a while!! hahahah.

    Oh yay!! That sounds like a plan then, we'll all def have a great time!! I have to talk to Lizzy!! I definitely did not find my phone :( I'll have to buy another one soon...Did you find your glasses??

    Oh and I'm so there for movie night!! I'll call you from my house phone later on..so you can save the number..and whenever ya'll are having movie night, call me and I'll be there :):):)

  10. Sister! I have been trying to leave u a comment all dang day!!... So for the millionth time here I go:
    First of all, the dress you wore to dinner with Mr.Eulo is so beautiful! 2nd, besides getting yourself some good rest from all the crazy- nonstop fun u have been having.. Uhhh u need to give your liver a break too! U r TRASHED passed out on that couch! But that pink limo u guys were in was the bomb diggidy! ( u like that??)
    Well i'm off... Love u!

  11. Ashley,
    No I didn't find them. I had to buy another pair today since I can't drive without them. :( Ugh, money down the drain!

    Finally you remembered your login!!
    Girl, my liver is perfect foo'! I don't drink like that all the time at all. That was a once in a blue moon kinda night, ya heard?!
    But yesss, the pink limo was the bomb diggidy! I love you.

  12. Oh, ok.
    And yeah dude! I can't wait! It's only a visit. Mel & I have been going since 01. I'll do a whole post on it when I get back, my whole back story with Oregon. But nonetheless, I love it and can't wait to get back.

  13. I'm convinced that pink works with everything <3, Linds

  14. Linds,
    It DOES!! Glad you understand, Barbie. ;)

  15. "ZAAAAANG!" Purdie looks pretty w/facial hair. Like a real mountain man! lol. And I can definitely hear the "really Veronika?!" from your comments. That cracks me up. I am jealous of the pink barbie limo ride you got.It's nice to put some pics to our chat from last wk about winter break :) I hope you get some rest now and watch Bethenny Ever After and enjoy it as much as I do. That'll add an extra hr to our already ridiculously long/wonderful phone dates. Hahah. Love youuuuu ♥

    1. Natty,
      Purdie TOTALLY looks pretty with facial hair! He was so proud of it, hahah, little mountain man!
      We just got home and I'm ready to watch my Christmas dvd from you! YAY! Only thing missing is YOU. I love you more, friend. ♥


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