Friday, January 13, 2012

Today I thought of Y'ALL: Chappie & Steph

Two of my best gal pals in the world are deployed right now, and I found myself missing them a ton tonight. Both of these friendships exist on many levels of annoyance. And I mean that in a good and loving way. I know you're probably like "huh?", but Chappie & Steph know what I mean. The three of us bother the hell out of each other, talk shit to each other, name call, act like children, prod and tease, all in the name of our super special bond. That's what makes these two tough beezies different from the rest of my best-friendships. We get to be mean girls and push each others buttons. It's fun, and of course we have our breaking points and let the other know they've gone too far (it's happened a few times - it's usual my fault since I'm "the meanest one" according to Steph) and we always feel really bad and get 'real' AKA get emo and assure the other that we love them with all our heart.
I love them because of all the fun times we've shared. I met them both in 2006 and my, my, my the changes we've all gone through. I feel like I've known y'all my whole life. We've grown together.
I love them because in the few instances of potential crappy times, we talked things through and said "I love you".
And I love them because no matter the hour, it's never an inconvenient time to call them, especially if I need an ear because I'm being a cry baby.

Chappie, I miss our daily heytells, texts, and our random Face Time chats in the middle of the night...mostly caused by me nagging you to wake up and "say hi to me". Which is never just a quick hello, because I usually try to keep you online longer. And I purposely do that when I know you have to be up early. ;)
I hope you're safe out there and I'll get around to sending you a care package soon! I'm sorry I've been a slackass.
Chap & I: July 2010
Steph, I miss our SUPER LOUD conversations and going-back-and-forth playful arguments, the ones that are just us basically laughing so hard while cursing the other one out. I love how you remember every single story I've ever told you about my childhood -- you can recall every detail, and I'm always so impressed when you tell my stories back to me. Thanks for loving me so much that you pay attention to every word I say. :) I hope you know I'm listening to, every time. P.s. The letter you wrote me the other night, your emotional rant, is one of the new prized possessions in my life. And every word = why I love you, oh so much.
Me & Steph: June 2011
It's because of the friendships like y'alls that I made in the military that make me so happy that I signed up in the first place. I got to meet the people that would have my back forever. It was friendship fate. (Don't think that doesn't include you too, Natty!)
You both spent the holidays away from your families and loved ones, I hope y'all know I was thinking about you here. 
I miss you both and I'm praying every night for y'all. I can't wait to see you two punks again...hopefully at sometime this year.
I love you, Chappie. I love you, Steph. I love y'all, shitheads. 
I was crying -a ton- in this photo. It was my going away (leaving Las Vegas) party and I knew I wouldn't get to see my best friends on a daily basis anymore. Moving sucks. Having your bffs scattered throughout the country sucks more. Thank God for phones and planes. 
Chap, Me, Steph: July 2010

Love, me. 


  1. This made me watery eyed- so sweet sissy!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet. True friends are hard to come by.

  3. Awwww! I know exactly how you feel. You guys have an awesome bond. You'll be friends til the end of time. Be safe girls! =o)

    With Class & Sass,

  4. Thanks, ladies ♥
    And yeah, true friends are hard to come by. Especially as we get older and move to new places.

  5. Ohh wait I just noticed it says July 2010 in the last photo..So wait I met you in January 2011..I didn't know you had like just moved up here..I thought you had been up here for years already..and this month makes a year that I've known you!! & that must mean that your anniversary with Mikey is coming soon!! :) ............btw what are you doing for your birthday??

  6. Ashley,
    Yeah girl, we got to Jersey in August of 2010. I had zero friends until I met you and Talia. So basically from Aug to Jan I was sitting at home...alone, and bored. LOL I'm so glad I met y'all! Yay to our 1 year friendship anniversary! We should do something special. Dinner, movie, drinks? And yesss, you remember!!! You're such a great friend; I loved that we spent part of our anniversary with you and Tom last year. That was so much fun! And that's in March, so it's coming up.
    As far as my bday, I have no idea what I'm doing, or even what I'd wanna do. I guess it's all up in the air right now and I'll def let you know if I have anything crazy planned, but honestly I'm still recovering from YOUR bday night! LMAO! And that was already a week ago! You see how much of an old lady I am?? I can't hang for squat. :)

  7. Are you the red-headed one in that photo? It looks awesome! I wish I had that kind of friendship with someone, I have like no female friends (in real life obvzzzz) and I would like some now please! Haha :) in reply to your email COME VISIT ME IN AUSTRALIAAAAA! I will shower you with cake and cupcakes.

  8. Awwww... this is so sweet Roni! I picture you looking the same way, as the last photo, as you type this. I'm sorry Sugar that you are missing your besties. =( It's got to be so hard. At least you are making a lot of new friends and though they are not like these two, that is what makes it perfect! You will continue to have room for all of them in your heart as none of them are replaceable! ::smooches and comfort hugs your way::

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  9. Kirsten
    YES! That's me with the fire engine red hair. I miss it so much. I wanna do a post with some of my favorite pictures when I was a red head, that way y'all can see how rad my hair was last year. :)
    Oh my goodness, the friendships I acquired while I was in the military are irreplaceable; they're unforgettable and they're a bond like no other. I'm so thankful for my friendships. :)
    I AM so gonna come visit you if you promise cake and cupcakes DAILY! ;D

    Oh, I miss them all the time, but like I said, thank God for phones. At least I can hear their voices, or email or face chat. But it's definitely not the same as having them in the same zip code like I used to. But that's the military way of life: you meet amazing people, and it's all only temporary before everyone moves again. Or in a good chunk of mine and my friends' case, you become a civilian again and start over somewhere else.
    Thanks for the sweet words, friend. ♥ *hugs*

  10. Kirsten, I'll come visit in Australia!! I've never been! I think it would be awesome.

    And, Roni, you were not bored the whole time Aug-Jan. I remember for a little while there in Dec. 2010, you had a particular visitor & we met a very fun gentleman there, who is still our friend! =)

  11. Jen,
    Great point! I did have a couple visitors that month - You & Chappie! And I had so much fun with y'all! I love when my friends visit me. It means the world that we all love each other so much we keep in fabulous touch. And are you referring to your man, Carl?? ;)) Your future hubby...hahaha.

  12. aww yay!! Yes we do have to go out and celebrate our 1 year friendship anniversary, liquor free though!! LOL, I'm still recovering too..I've been a bed bug all week..(my version of couch potato.........but it sounds bad right?? I need to come up with a new name for it Lmao!!)..It was really great spending time with ya'll for your anniversary, ya'll are thee absolute cutest married couple ever! It's not often in life that you encounter such boundless love between two people. & Whatever you do for your birthday I hope you have fun!! If you do plan anything just let me know :):)

  13. lol Yes, I was talking about Carl. And no, I'm not going to marry him. haha
    He hasn't even asked me on a date yet. Or bought me a present. Or a plane ticket. Jerkface. hahaha

  14. Ash,
    We can drink virgin margaritas! :) Awww and thank you for all the sweet words. ♥

    HAHAHAH!!!! Yeah, he's definitely a jerk face for not spending his hard earned cash on you yet. Even though he's only met you once! hahaha You need to just come back.

  15. hi friend...
    thank you for the biggest smile today!!! i love you a ton and im really glad to have met you. well you and steph...i guess i can count her in this too. lol. but yall really are some of the truest friends i have. yall have definitely seen my whole roller coaster of a life and been by my side through so much. thankful and grateful is what i am. def staying safe out here. ill call you in a couple days. miss you tons.

  16. Chap,
    YAY! I'm glad I could make you smile. I love you SO much. You're my Chappielove.
    I think we've all seen how many insane changes we've all gone through as people. I mean, I just thought of it for a second and I remember you two being totally different people as you are today, and I know for a fact that we ALL remember how I used to be (LOL) so yeah, it's amazing that we've been there for it all. I'm grateful and you mean the world to me.
    Can't wait to hear your voice again, and honestly, the fact that you're deployed and you've called me just about every day means the WHOLE wide world to me.

  17. Can I just say I love that even though this post was about Steph and Chap I got included?!! Lol. Yayyyyy! I have been catching up here and there the last couple days with your blog. Fun stuff. I love these friendship posts it brings me back to when we were all a big happy (dysfunctional) family living in the same city and getting together whenever we pleased.

  18. Natty,
    Dysfunctional is the new black! LOL
    And DUHHH, of course you were mentioned, hahahah, you were part of the group. Remember our super amazing wine nights during our roomie year? Fun fun fun!


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