Monday, January 16, 2012

Bringing you up to speed

We're back in Jersey again, and stayin' put for a while; school starts next Monday, bahh! Our time in North Carolina was very relaxing and yummy. Thanks for a wonderful week, Doranne! 
Wanna see pictures? Of course y'all do. ;)
my mother-in-law always takes a "dinner" pic
and here's our photo booth pic
because only cool girls dance in the candy aisle @ the grocery store
DOUBLE-YUM: mac n' cheese & sloppy joe on Texas toast//hot chocolate w/marshmallow vodka (had to try it!)
the couple who shares a jersey together, stays together!
def not my fave wine ever, but I had to buy it b/c the adorable label. anyone else buy wine for this silly reason?
my brother-in-law (Zach), Mikey, & me..lookin' a hot mess! I had just gotten up.
Last night I re-read Death of a Salesman and today, when we got home, we watched the play/movie on Netflix. Gah, I can't read/watch this play without crying. It leaves me with the biggest lump in my throat. 
What a devastatingly brilliant piece of work. And it premiered on my birthday, 63 years ago next month. :) Just a random little neat-O fact I learned this time around. 

I'm gonna catch up on my blog reading right now, so I'm keeping this post pretty short. Hope y'all don't mind. 
Happy Monday to all of you, and have a great week at your places of responsibility! I'm sure you'll all look incredibly fashionable while doing so.


p.s. Lookie at this adorbsballz picture of Nathaniel (my nephew, for new readers) and my brother. I love the pictures my sister sends me! 
Nathan is wearing the Ramones tee I bought him from H&M :D
He's definitely gonna be the coolest kid at his "rock rock rock n' roll high school" one day!


  1. Yes! I actually bought this wine called... well it's a bee with an itch! =D Keep it PG people! Anywho, I bought it cause... yeah... and it was a pink bottle! Good news is it's actually a pretty good little wine! Love your little beanie and the jersey pic! Haha glad you had such a wonderful time!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

    1. I've seen that bottle in my friend's pictures! She said it was yummy! If I ever see that I'm totally picking it up. I think it'll suit me on most of my days anyway. Haha
      And thanks for the sweet words, love. ♥

  2. lol Rock n' Roll High School. Nice.
    What kind of jersey is your mother-in-law wearing??


    1. I have no idea. Hold on......Mikey said she was wearing Jacobs jersey?? I'm not sure who that is or if that's the right way to spell his name, but yeah. That's the one. I'm not much into sports, but if it's a New York or Texas team I root by default. :)

    2. Oh. It looked like a Colts jersey. That's why I asked. How do you reply to individual comments?

    3. OH, okay! Yeah it does look like your Colts jersey. ;)
      Dude, I just noticed the little reply button under each individual comment!

  3. Well, I don't actually drink wine but I'd probably have bought that one because I AM the middle sister, LOL! OMG, I thought I was the only person who randomly dances down aisles. I do it quite frequently at work too, LOL! At least now I know how I look doing it. You are too cute. OMG I could eat cheeks up! He is so precious.

    With Class & Sass,

    1. You could just have it for show. :) Maybe you have to be a middle sister for the wine to taste yummy, haha. I was super excited to be getting some midnight snacks in those photos. Of course. Little piggy.
      Oh, and I know right! I LOVE his cheeks. He's such a squishy machine.

  4. Glad you had a good time! I read that play my sophomore year and really enjoyed it. xo

    1. Thanks, doll. And yeah, Death of a Salesman is probably my fave play. So emotional.

  5. ohhh yay glad you made it back safe n def looks like you had an awesome trip!! your nephew btw is tooooo cute!! i just wanna squeeze his chubby lil cheeks lol. so adorable!!

  6. I buy wine for the labels all the time. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.


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