Tuesday, January 3, 2012

San Antonio Highlights: an epic picture post

My friend Marla and her boyfriend are in New York City alone tonight for dinner and a show. While I love my friend, I am stoked about having an evening of relaxation (and blogging) on my couch! We've been walking around the city all day for the last two days and I am e x h a u s t e d!
By the way, New Years Eve traffic was pretty darn trafficLESS despite the masses of people in one of the world's largest cities! Thanks for those that sent the no-traffic-vibes our way. It was a fun and memorable night...I'll do a post on that night, soon! I promise. Things have just been non-stop busy the last couple weeks.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas 2011 in San Antonio with my beloved family. Keep in mind I took exactly 763 photos during those 7 or 8 days. So much to capture. I'll try to keep it short.
Our 2nd day in San Antonio, I woke Mikey up by sitting Nathaniel on his tummy.
Mommy, Mona, me & Nathaniel on Christmas Eve
Nathaniel's loving mommy & daddy
My brother Danny & his girlfriend Bobbie (+ Makayla in the belly)
L to R: Mikey w/Logan, Ram, Danny w/Aaron, Gilbert w/Nathaniel
Cousins (except for Bobbie) L to R starting at the bottom: Krystle, Raylynn, Amaris, Mona, Bobbie, Mercedes, Niki, me
Grandma was there in spirit
shooting my cousin Ram's bb gun - hilarious!
Christmas day: Mikey & I got my mom a ring with the birthstones of me, my brother and sister...just like my grandma (her mom) had for her 5 kids. My mom loved it. 
Nathan loves his grandpa! (my stepdad, Dan)
...and he loves his uncle Mikey :)
getting a kissy from his second cousin, Logan. sooo cute!
These photo booth pics were taken the night mommy & I stayed up chatting till 7 am! We were a little nuts-O by this time. haha
I love me some nakey baby Nathaniel!!! Well, he's got his jeans diaper on. 
chicken strip baskets with country gravy @ DQ...nothing better
 me and brother
The night I wore a turtle neck sweater out to a club. hahaha
with my cousins, Krystle & Mercedes
 I'm bonkers for my grandpa!
 loving on my mommy the night before we left
Look at that face! LOL. Waking up uncle Mikey & I
 The day we left San Antonio. This picture chokes me up, because I feel like it describes mine and Nathaniel's relationship at this time. What it has to be: hugs, "I love you's", and "I'll see you soon's". 
 I wish my brother could have been in this picture, but he was 'workin' hard for the money'.
I know the next time we visit San Antonio, Nathaniel might be talking and walking + I'll have a brand new niece!! I can't wait to see these faces again.
I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. 2011 was a blessing for many reasons. Nathaniel being one of them. The times that I've visited my family over the last 9 years has always been something that fulfills my heart as I live far away from them, but this year's 3 visits were even more special for my family with all the love and positivity that Nathaniel has brought just with his little smile. He has brought indescribable levels of happiness for us all, and my mom and I feel that it's brought us even closer together as a family. I never knew we could get any closer than we've always been...but babies, ahh, babies really make everything better. 



  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! I'm so happy for you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Awww....how cute. Very glad you got to spend Christmas at home with tu familia. Love!


  3. Bonnie,
    Thank you. And thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, love. ♥
    I wish I could have seen you, but as usual it went by in a blur. I really wanna see you soon though. I miss you terribly.

  4. The pictures of you at somerset came out soooo nice. Your dress looks great!! The pictures of all the family and my baby r just amazing! I was dying for some posts that I have been checking more than a few times every day.
    And it is true, we have become so much closer with both sides of Nathaniel's family. It is so nice to be able to be so close with everyone, he definitely has brought everyone closer. I think its those dimples he got from his mommy! :)

  5. Sister,
    LOL! You're too funny. I know, I've gotten a few texts and even phone calls over my missing blog posts! I had no idea I was so missed. :D
    I'm glad Nathaniel has brought you closer to your in-laws and everyone really. He is SUCH a blessing and I love him with every single part of me that is alive. I can't even explain it. He's my baby, too. ;)

  6. Yep, babies do that to ya, pal.
    I miss you a ton, too, dude.
    If I can at all, I'm gonna try to make it out there for the summer. I want to experience Jersey in the summer.

  7. Awww, I feel like that when I leave my nieces and nephews too (and 1/2 of em' are tweeners now). ROFL @ "turtleneck to the club"...if anyone can pull it off it'd be you! Lastly, I see you little birdie shirt. It looks so good with the burgundy/wine color.


  8. Jen,
    I would die if you made it out here this summer! Try if you can. We can have a couple drinks and dance all over 5th Ave in front of Rockefeller Center again. :))) That was SO much fun.

    That's so sad that they've grown up without you! :(
    I suppose, thank God for planes.
    Mikey and my mom were cracking up with me about the turtle neck. I mean, I HAVE to be the first person in the history of forever to wear a turtle neck sweater to a club! LOL But I didn't even care, it was pretty cold out that night and I wanted to change from my pink dress. I honestly didn't think girls would show up half naked in that weather...OH, but they DID! I looked like the Brady Bunch mom there lookin' like that. Although I did kick my outfit into somewhat hawt gear by wearing my Jeffrey Campbell minty bow wedges. That had to count for something when girls complimented them in the bathroom. Right??? :)
    And yeah, that's the only picture I have showing that birdie shirt outfit. I thought it looked cute with those overall shorts, too. So thanks for noticing! :D


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