Friday, February 24, 2012

rainy day woman

For most people, when it rains they go about the day in a very blah mood. I'm usually the total opposite, considering rainy days are my favorite. (I might have mentioned that a time or twenty here.) But today, I didn't posses that normal rainy day glow. I am exhausted as a motherfudger and ready for an afternoon nap with my Danzig.
Since I just wore a sweater and jeans today, I didn't feel much like taking outfit photos. Just this one.
Hi :)
On the other hand, I didn't post my Wednesday outfit, so.... 
worn here w/different tights & shoes
I had just woken up, so you can see I still had my sleepy eyes. :) My hair was also still wet from my morning shower and hadn't puffed up yet....."so fresh and so clean, clean."
Dress: Ruche
Tights: ModCloth
Jeffrey Campbell "Woofing It Heels" via ModCloth

And just because they make me happier than cake and ice cream...
My favorite pictures of my niece and nephew this week:
Left: he woke up from his nap//Right: My mommy let him get messy w/a choco-cone
Enjoying life as a newborn. I love her stormy grey eyes. 
Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy your weekend <3



  1. I like being a bum on rainy days sometimes and napping, it's so calming and comfy cozy. I also really like the Bight colors in your Wednesday outfit. And your niece and nephew are just too sweet. I love the pic of nathaniel with the chocolate cone, it's adorable.

    1. That picture of Nathan cracks me up! He's like, "Hey looky what grandma did to my face" LOL
      Thanks, Allison :)

  2. Oooh your nephew and niece are adorable! And I love your shoes!

  3. aww you look cute in that first photo and i love Wednesdays outfit! those shoes <3

  4. I like rainy days too if I'm at home! That makes for the perfect nap and if the boyfriends around the perfect cuddle! I love those tights! The color is really cool.

    1. Rainy days are so amazing when you get to stay home and lounge around, watching movies or drinking hot chocolate. I miss being little and playing in it, too! Thanks, Trice ♥

  5. I love rainy days, too! My favorite time to go practice is when it's raining out - there's something about playing my instrument during a storm that's calming to me. xo

  6. For me rainy days can go either way: as long as I'm able to stay inside I love them; they're the perfect opportunity to relax or catch up some blogs/work. If I have to go outside though, I'm often not the most pleased. They also mean I can't take decent outfit photos so that's a big negative for me.

    As for your Wednesday outfit - I love it! The pops of colour are perfect, your dress lovely, & your heels super fun! :)

    <3 Shawna

    1. True, you can't get the best outfit photos out there, but you've just inspired me to get some rainy day photos the next time it really storms here. We have an overhang that my hubby can snap the pictures safely under while I play in it! Wee, thanks, Shawna! :)
      Ooh, these heels are really fun to wear. :)

  7. Rainy days are my favorite days to go to the movies or go out shopping..or out to dinner..bc there is never that many people it's always fun to do things crowd-free :)

    Oh M Geeee your little nephew and niece are toooooo freaking cute!! They look like brother and can def tell they are related..her eyes are beautiful, she is such a little doll..and check him out big boy status eating ice cream! awww.

    1. I do like how no one is really out when it's raining - good point!
      And I knooooow I'm soooo obsessed with them! They're sooo cute and I'm not just saying that because I'm their aunt. I love them of course, but they really are the cutest little newborns! I wanna squeeze them and pinch their cheeks. You can really tell they're related? I see it sometimes, but not as often as my friends see it. :) And yeah, that was super cute. My mom smashed an ice cream cone in his face since he was going to town on it. hahahaha

  8. I wish I could be one to have a good mood on rainy days! I guess when we haven't had rain in a long time, than I enjoy it, but for the most part, I miss the sun too much. Those teal LuLu's are just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Violet :)
      I've always loved rain. We had amazing rain storms when I lived in Texas, but when I lived in Vegas for over 4 years and could count on one hand how many rainy days we had, it seemed like I fell in love even more with the weather. But I understand that lots of people find rainy days an inconvenience.


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