Friday, February 3, 2012

Feelin' Good

[This song.]

I must say, there's something about the color red, even if in a simple cardigan, that just makes me exude confidence. And there's something about primary blue stockings that warrant awkward stares from strangers. BUT there was something super awesome about this outfit, because walking around the mall to kill time on my lunch break got me a handful of sweet compliments from strangers. Awwww :)

 I walked through the shoe department in Macy's and the young man standing by simply said, "Fashionable." as I passed him. Haha I had to reassure Mikey that I'm almost positive he wasn't interested in me in the least, he was just doing what I do. Giving compliments when I see something that catches my eye. I don't hate! If I see someone lookin' fantastic, I let them know. And if it makes someone's confidence spike just a little, then hey, that's awesome that my little comment could do that. 
Dress//Belt//Shoes: ModCloth
Cardigan: Express
Tights: Target
Necklace & earrings: Swarovski

Welp, I gotta cut this really short because my girlfriend Ashley is on her way to pick me up so we can visit a Jeffrey Campbell shoe store in NYC. Weee! So my "Let's Rewind" feature (part 3) will be coming in later tonight. By the way, THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH for being so sweet. It means the world to know such supportive and kind-hearted souls.


P.s. Sorry if there are any typos. I don't have time to revise this! Eek!


  1. I do the same thing. If someone has something cute on, I'll tell them.

    1. I think more people should be so sweet. It's one of the first steps towards the "Why can't we all just get along" idea. :) I love giving people compliments. It always surprises them, and that's pretty sad that people don't expect to receive random nice compliments from a stranger. People should be kind to one another.


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