Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wishlist stuff

First off, I wanted to say thanks for all the good vibes! My school checks came in. Now we're just waiting on Mikey's. The last two months have been extremely tight as far as not having play money whatsoever, but the most important thing is that no bill went unpaid or paid late for that matter, and of course we didn't starve. Whew! You can imagine that during this time I've had plenty of growing wishlists at ModCloth, ASOS, Etsy, Ruche, etc. for when things get back to normal and I can resume expanding my favorite room in the apartment: my closet. Here are a few of my most coveted items at ModCloth:
I can't even explain how bad I need this dress. It kinda brings tears to my eyes.

A dress after my own 50's doo-wop heart; this dress IS "Roni feels nostalgic"  

 This dress could be my junk-food print dress' BFF. 

Red is my favorite color (or so I've discovered by scoping out my closet). I am beyond obsessed with the bow pockets of this darling frock!

There's a sentimental factor in this one: the bee print. It reminds me of my mommy. Her name is Beatrice but everyone calls her "Bea" and she signs off her letters with a little bumble bee. <3

Finally, this coat. Oh, this coat. For some reason it reminds me of elementary school. I like that.  

Hopefully soon I can find one of these babies hanging in my closet. What pretty things are y'all hankering for?


  1. All of these things definitely scream Roni to me! The detailing on the first dress is SO. CUTE.

    Currently I am wanting:

    (it reminds me of creamsicles!)

    (I was actually going to buy this, but on the day I was going to order it it was sold out ;__; what are the odds?!)

    And these shoes! They remind me of the 20s inspired clothing from the 70s :D


  2. cute yellow dress! i like it <3 You have lovely blog :)
    I'm just following you now, mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  3. I am totally loving every single dress here, and that coat! I just recently went on Pinterest and pinned a ton of dresses that I want. Then I told everyone in my house that if they are wondering what I want for xmas and my birthday..it's on my Pinterest! lol My closet needs some desperate expanding too! Before we moved down here from Vermont I had to donate some of my stuff. My poor clothing collection has literally been cut in half since I lived in California! when the money starts rolling in again for us, I need a shopping spree!


  4. OH. MY. WORD. I want, no need, that coat in my life. Its so quirky and cute. why must modcloth constantly tempt me with their gorgeous clothes?!

  5. Gorgeous dresses and that coat <3

  6. Second dress is really great!
    Would you like to follow each other? I wish to see you among my followers!
    Let me know please!

  7. I really like youre selection, these pieces are so you but the last one would also be me me!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. The first 2 are my favorite for you! The top one especially i can see you looking extra gorgeous in that one!!

  9. OMG the comic strip dress and color-blocked pea coat spoke to me! All of these pieces are so you! Glad the good vibes paid off..pun intended ;)

  10. So glad your checks came in! You will be shopping again in no time ;] haha

    I love everything you picked out! I definitely have had my eye on the first dress and that coat while perusing MC. That bee dress is also super cute. I really want to buy a few Dear Creatures dresses at the moment. I need to start saving money though...

  11. I'll take all these dresses please! I just read your bio thingy. I'm in the military. I didn't realize that people automatically disliked people with tattoos. I must be from Venus. I guess that would make sense because people do tend to automatically judge others without even realizing it. Anyhow, I love tattoos! (All 5 of mine are on my back, hidden). -Jessica L



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