Tuesday, October 23, 2012

♥ 1st Blogaversary ♥

You guys, I made it through a whole year of blogging! We're not going to count that one time I took a whole month off and the times where I took a week or two off here and there like this last week. I had actually thought about this day and this post for so many months prior and it honestly just snuck up on me today, so I didn't have much time to plan anything special, which totally bums me out.
I've put together a crapload of random outfit posts I liked throughout the last year here on RFN. It was fun going down memory lane and reviewing all the shitty quality photos I was first publishing. (Many of us have those.) I either picked these because I particularly fancied the outfit, or I just loved the day they were apart of...some were also picked based on good hair days alone.

So, what have I learned in this first year of blogging? Hmm...
- I've learned that it's best to keep my babbling to a minimum, which is difficult for someone like me -- I'm a chatter box! Y'all should know, I leave a ton of story-book sized comments :) I can't help it, although, I've gotten better compared to the essay length posts - regarding my day - I was initially writing here; no one had time for all that. But, since this is a commemorative type post, I'm due a little babble sesh. 
- I have been constantly reminded that my schedule to blog is completely unsystematic -- I have no schedule. I post and read when I can, like most of you busy ladies. In the summertime, if I'm not out of state, I am on blogs for like five hours a day, unaware of the time ticking by. But here lately, it's getting to be more and more difficult to post even semi-regularly or read. However, that's to be expected while in school, especially if you're a writing major; I read roughly seven books, plays, short stories, or essays every week and analyze just about all of them...pretty exhausting. With that said, I am beyond appreciative of those of you who still come to my blog, even if it's been a hot minute since I've been to yours. Expect me to pop in on you when I can, and PLEASE don't think that I've forgotten you. I have SO many blogs swirling around in my head just about everyday. Am I the only one that randomly thinks about the blogs they need to catch up on when they're out for lunch or in the middle of a lecture? I look at them for what they are: real life stories that I've developed genuine interest for and when I get behind, I'm like, "what have I missed?" Maybe those are just my problems.
- In the beginning I thought it'd be safest for me to censor myself here. I didn't want to offend anyone. Well, I still don't want to ever intentionally offend anyone, but I'm also most definitely going to be myself in my own little nook of the interwebs. I'm a sweetheart, yes, but I've without a doubt got a colorful language that sometimes does a better job of expressing certain matters than words like "doodyhead" do. Words like "shit" and "asshole" are going to find themselves written here every now and then. So far, no one's offended. Goodie!
- I think the most important thing about the last year with this blog is that I'm still doing it for me, because it's fun, and I've made the kind of friendships I was hoping to when I started it. I always told myself this blog would never be about numbers and doing those comical "follow for a follow" things just so I could reach impressive digits; the majority of those comments strike me as unauthentic and automated, especially when they read, "nice bag, wanna follow each other?" or  "great dress, I'm now following, please follow back," when I'm wearing jeans LOL. It gives me the same pleasure to blog for 140 followers as it did when I was doing it solely for the same three friends that were faithfully reading. Not to say it's not wonderful to have all of you, because it totally is! It's just, I follow bloggers' stories because I want to, and I hope that others would do the same. Overall, I didn't/don't want to ever let myself or this blog become insincere, and certainly not automated, if all that makes sense.
I'll cut it here, 'cause I really need a nap before I work on my next assignment. I just knew I couldn't let this day go unnoticed and undocumented, for my own sake. Mikey and I plan to celebrate somehow this weekend. I'm envisioning my new dress (a gift from Mikey for this occasion), cake, and balloons. 

To all of you that made your way here a day ago or the day I started documenting at this web address, thank you for finding me and for choosing to stick around.



  1. Eeeep! I just love all of your collared dresses! :D And I am super jealous of your naturally curly hair. :P

    Anywho, congrats on a whole year of blogging! Here's to many more to come! :)

    P.s. I want to hear more of your colourful language. ;)

  2. I have to say, no matter how long of a break (or breaks) that you take, I will be a faithful reader :)I'm such a faithful reader that I added you to my blog listing, that updates the moment you blog a new post. Kind of makes me feel like a creeper! lol Happy Blogaversary! I'm not sure when my 1 year is?? I hope you keep blogging for the love of blogging and good luck in your classes. I'm grateful for taking off this semester, especially since I'm starting a new job! In fact i'm headed up your way in a couple weeks for a 4 day training seminar. Anyway, you look awesome is all those outfit pictures! Totally cute clothes :)


  3. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!! It always brightens my day when I see you had time to type up a new blog! And I love the first picture! Another favorite!

  4. Congrats on your blogaversary! I don't know if I could pick a favorite outfit from all the photos you choose. So many adorable outfits! I understand everything you said about scheduling your blog. I am the same way, it's too hard - there is too much going on, but I always always check into my favorite blogs when I can.

    ♥ Emily

  5. Happy anniversary bloggy! I laughed at "'great dress, I'm now following, please follow back,' when I'm wearing jeans" because I GET THOSE COMMENTS ALL THE TIME hahaha. I love you and your blog lots and lots. You are one cool cat and I am glad that you are living in my computer! xoxoxo gothip gurrl


    1. I was about to ask the same question Roni. I want to see your face in real life :P

  6. Congrats Roni! :) So excited you have made it through the year and will keep on posting for us. You're so awesome. I am having an incredibly hard time picking my favorite outfit, but I would have to say that the 5th and 6th pictures are pretty high up on the list of cuteness.

  7. Congrats on your first blog anniversary and here's to many many more! Ok now dont hate me but Kev and I cant do November. He has family coming in from out of town so we will be kinda swamped with family craziness. Could you guys do anytime in December like maybe the weekend of the 15th?

  8. Wow - a year flies by, doesn't it? I agree with you Roni - it's so much better when we blog for ourselves. You are sharing your authentic self with your readers and that's why we love dropping by - your fresh, fun perspective. Congratulations - and be sure to celebrate the milestone!

  9. Woohoo congrats on your blogaversary Roni! What a great milestone! And here's to many more years of awesomeness... :)

    Life etc

  10. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  11. Oh my goodness Roni, every single one of your outfits is just beyond delightful! For serious! Congrats on a whole year of lovely blogging, can't wait to see another year of your posts! My blogaversary happened before I knew it and then it was too late to make any kind of deal about it, ha!

  12. Happy belated blogiversary! And no you aren't the only one who things they have to catch up on reading their favorite\friend's blogs when they are gone for awhile! I think that's normal for bloggers. And I hate it when people ask me to follow them...and then I think that they must really need it and sometimes I'm compelled to take a looksy. Anyhow, school will be starting for me soon again and I'll be too busy to blog and comment as much as I want, so I feel your pain! Also, all your outfits are so adorable! -Jessica L

  13. Gosh you are just THE CUTEST little thing!!

    Happy Blogiversary, girl! :)

  14. Congrats! You are absolutely adorable and awesome!

  15. Roni! First, happy blogiversary! Second, I've missed our blog conversations! I have been struggling to decide whether or not to continue blogging for some time and have decided to give it another go! I've been checking in on your little blog for a while now, and have really enjoyed watching its development. Here's to another great year of blogging!

    xoxo, Tori

  16. Happy Blogaversary! I loved your post about what you've learnt. It is very true that it's important to be yourself and stay personal. I am somewhat jealous of how much you can write :-) I have the opposite problem: I don't have to stop myself from writing too much, I have to remind myself to open more! I'm still learning how to "write-chat" :-)
    Congratulations again!


  17. This is super belated, but HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY TO RONI FEELS NOSTALGIC <3 <3 Thank /you/ for being such an incredible lady and for being a reader of Mermaidens for so long! Lots of love <3

  18. I am so sorry to be a week late on this but....

    Happy (belated) Blogaversary!!!!! That is so exciting. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog months ago (I can't believe how fast the time has flown!). You are one of the sweetest ladies I have met while blogging. You are so genuine and hilarious - I love it. I still want everything in your closet! The collection of your favorite photos was fun to look through (#8 & #12 are my faves). You are gorgeous lady! Aaaaand it is a-ok in my book to ramble in blog comments, haha. I hope school is going well. Being a Writing major sounds intense. I also really hope you, Mikey, and all your friends on the East Coast are doing alright. The news is breaking my heart tonight. Anywho....

    Congrats again! Your weekend blogaversary plans sound fantastic, haha.

    Tehehe. Reading through your comments reminded me - where is the vlog!?!!

  19. congrats on a year - that's awesome! i love your style - that orange dress early in the post is so cute i'm in love with it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  20. Congrats, Roni! You are an amazing blogger! I take those really loooong breaks without blogging, and when I read your posts it makes me want to hop back on the blogging train! I am so happy I ran into your blog. You are one sweet and adorable lady with impeccable style!

  21. Happy one year! And I love your story-book sized comments!

  22. You have the best style! Congrats on one year! :)

  23. Ello love! I'm back! I miss your shine deary! Love you always.

  24. Heartfelt Congratulations on ONE YEAR!!! WOW! Did you ever think that this was gonna happen?
    I hear ya about the time off! (guilty face!) I slipped off the grid again getting busy with the kiddos......but sometime ago somebody gave me some great advice that I still read... Thanks by the way! oh, and sometime soon I'll have to do a post on how your blog changed our (my family and mines) lives forever! (for the better) thanks for that too........
    missed you and hope with the holidays around the corner we get to keep in touch!


    XOXO Dana

  25. Congratulations on your first year (and a bit now) of blogging, sorry for the late congratulations! I'm glad that you're still finding it enjoyable :). I find blogging to be a constant learning curve, and I find the more I know, the more I know I don't know :). xo

    Almost Delightful

  26. Congratulations!!! Ummm....where are you???

  27. girl, you're are so fucking adorable in all of those pictures, I can't even handle it! ... and ummm, post again soon? :)

  28. Oh my it's been FOREVER since I've visited your blog..and I've missed it so much! HAPPY 1st year BLOGAVERSARY!!!! That's awesome!!!!!!!! Hopefully next year I'll get back to doing some blogging too!! (New Years Resolution) lol..Next year we def have to have a girls night too!!!! & a shoe shopping date!! & clothes shopping too!! hahahahah.

    OH and btw I know I'm probably super late but i absolutely LOVE your new layout it's so you!!!!

  29. Roni-baby COME BACK TO THE INTERNET! I hope school is not being toooooo shitty!

  30. I'm your newest follower!
    Your style is soo cute!
    Looking forward to seeing lots more outfit posts from your in the future!


  31. Happy Blogaversary, dear!!


  32. Awwwwww! you're so cute!Love the blog and am now a new follower!



  33. So pretty and stylish. lovely outfits and beautiful pics.
    Parfum pas cher

  34. Happy Blogversary!!!
    just found your blog, love it!! and you look suuper cute in those bathing suits, i wish i could pull them off!!! following!

    Kristine xx

  35. Why haven't you been posting! Where did Roni gooooo!?

  36. Ladies, oh sweet ladies, thank y'all SO SO SO SO MUCH for ALL the comments spanning the last few months. It means the world that all of you stopped by to leave something so sweet. Which makes me feel a bit terrible for abandoning my blog for such a lengthy period of time. :/
    Either way, I've read all your comments and they've put a smile on my face. Gracias. :)))

  37. Ok, you are the CUTEST thing!! Favorite blog I have come across in a while! I love your adorable outfits! Newest follower, can't wait to see more of your dresses! Congrats on 1 year! :)


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